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OnCore Golf Products

OnCore Golf is a company known for its innovative technology and high-performance golf products. Here’s an overview of their technology, products, benefits, and target customers:


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    One of OnCore’s signature technologies is perimeter-weighting, which redistributes weight around the perimeter of the golf ball. This design helps reduce sidespin and enhances stability, leading to straighter shots and improved accuracy.
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    Core Technology

    OnCore utilizes advanced core designs in their golf balls to optimize distance, feel, and control. These cores are engineered to deliver consistent performance across various swing speeds and playing conditions.
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    Dimple Patterns

    OnCore incorporates aerodynamic dimple patterns in their golf balls to reduce drag and optimize trajectory, resulting in longer distances and more controlled flight paths.


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    VERO X1 and VERO X2 Golf Balls

    These are flagship products from OnCore Golf, featuring perimeter-weighting technology for reduced sidespin and exceptional performance in windy conditions. The VERO X2, in particular, is designed for maximum distance and accuracy.
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    ELIXR Golf Balls

    Known for their soft feel and tour-level performance, the ELIXR golf balls offer a blend of distance, control, and spin control suitable for golfers of all skill levels.
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    Avant 55 and Avant 65 Golf Balls

    These are designed for golfers seeking a soft feel and enhanced control around the greens. They feature lower compression cores for improved feel and forgiveness on shorter shots.


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    Improved Performance

    OnCore’s advanced technology enhances golf ball performance, including increased distance, accuracy, and control. Golfers can expect better results and consistency in their game.
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    Customization Options

    OnCore offers customization options, allowing golfers to personalize their balls with text, images, or logos. This adds a unique touch to their equipment and can serve as a great gift option.
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    Innovative Accessories

    Apart from golf balls, OnCore offers innovative accessories like the ESB1 Golf Launch Monitor and GolfBoost AI app, providing golfers with tools to analyze and improve their game.

Target Customers

OnCore Golf primarily targets:

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    Serious Golfers

    Golfers who are serious about improving their game and are willing to invest in high-performance equipment.
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    Tech-Savvy Golfers

    Those who appreciate innovative technology and seek products that leverage advancements to enhance their performance on the course.
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    Customization Enthusiasts

    Golfers who value personalization and enjoy customizing their equipment to reflect their style and personality.


Overall, OnCore Golf appeals to a wide range of golfers who prioritize performance, innovation, and customization in their equipment choices.

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