Share & Earn

Welcome to FOSLOne! Thanks for being here.

Our goal is to create a platform that benefits everyone involved:
  • Companies with groundbreaking technologies seeking support to boost their sales pipelines
  • Individuals with connections or business development interests who want an easy way to earn through referrals
  • Investors on the lookout for companies with promising sales traction

Head over to the “Marketplace” section to explore the companies and their products.

If you know potential customers for these products, click “Cosell and Earn” to generate a personalized link for that product page. Share it with your network, and if someone makes a purchase through your link, you’ll earn a commission automatically.

For those aware of companies seeking sales pipeline assistance, please reach out to me. We’re happy to offer commissions or fees for successful referrals.

Stay tuned for updates! We’re in the process of onboarding several companies and their products onto the site.

Thank you for your interest. Let’s work together to make FOSLOne a valuable tool for the Friends of Scott Livingston network and others seeking convenient ways to grow their business development pipelines.

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