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Krypton GuardTM with LiDAR

Far UV Technologies


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Krypton Guard is an upper-room portable disinfection* floor lamp, ideal for a variety of applications due to its lightweight, compact and user-friendly design. The Krypton Guard floor lamp can be used in spaces with a ceiling height of 8-feet or  more. At only 3.7 lb, it is portable and very easy to set up. This versatile floor lamp allows you to move it to any location to disinfect your most occupied and high-traffic areas. Our Krypton disinfection* lights are effective for air and surface disinfection*.  This disinfection* floor lamp is flexible and affordable and can inactivate airborne  pathogens as well as disinfect* surfaces.

222nm far UV disinfection* lighting is a groundbreaking technology that can effectively disinfect *up to 99.9% of SARS-CoV-2 (the pathogen leading to COVID-19) or the pathogens associated with the common cold and flu, foodborne illnesses, hospital acquired infections or mold.

Features & Benefits:

  • Portable - Easy to move and setup where disinfection* is needed
  • Up to 99.9%+ cumulative disinfection*
  • Designed to meet and not exceed ACGIH UV exposure Threshold

Limit Values (TLV) for human exposure

  • Air and surface disinfection* for up to 1,200 sf
  • Environmentally friendly/Mercury free
  • Delivered dosage is not impacted by ambient temperature

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